what is aawaz?

Aawaz.com is India's first audio on-demand destination (app and website) with 100% Original and Professionally recorded and written content in Hindi

How to contact us ?

You can reach us by email hello@aawaz.com for all queries related to advertising, creating content, or product related bugs

Is Aawaz a paid app or free?

aawaz.com is free to use on web and you can also download the app for Android phones by visiting Google Play Store

How to give feed back ?

We'd love to know from you. You can mail us at hello@aawaz.com or use this form for more detailed feedback http://bit.ly/aawazfdb

How do i login?

Select the profile option located at the bottom edge of the app page. You will find the login option under this section. Login is necessary to downlaod content on your Android Phone

Why am I not able to login?

There are many reasons for this.
1) Check the email id and password you have used to register
2) Check the phone number you have used to register

How do I register on aawaz.com or app?

Select the 'Profile' option located at the bottom edge of the app page. You will find the 'Sign Up' option under this section.

Why cant i downlaod on website or mobile site

If you are using aawaz.com on a web browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you cannot download the content. You must use the aawaz.com Android App in order to download shows on your phone.

How to download a series ?

To download the entire series on your App, just click on your favourite show and select the 'Download All' option located at the top.

How to download a show?

To download a single episode on our App simply click on your favourite show and select download icon located beside each episode.

The shows are not playing/Loading ?

Is your internet working fine? Try switching to another network. If this doesn't work, clear your cache and try again.

I can't hear any audio. What should I do?

Kindly the check the volume setting or levels on your phone or computer.
Check the headphones or bluetooth headsets for connectivity issues

Does this App support all mobile devices?

aawaz.com works on all mordern web browers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and you can dowloand the app for Android phones by visiting Playstore http://bit.ly/aawazdotcom

Is this for Android users only?

aawaz.com app is available on Google Play store as an app and other users like iPhone can visit www.aawaz.com to enjoy reading and listening

Is this app availabe on app store?

Currently we do not have an app for IOS, you can visit www.aawaz.com to listen and read on aawaz